There comes a time when we all have to say goodbye to our old energy hungry water heaters and replace them with new models that save energy, money and in some instances, space.

The water –heater industry has evolved dramatically over the last several years. What once was a choice between buying a 40-gallon or a 60 gallon tank is now a decision that needs to take energy efficiency ratings and tank size into consideration. That’s where the tankless water heater comes in. The tankless water heater is a huge technological achievement. These innovative systems not only save valuable space, they are also very energy efficient which translates into significant savings.

At Hearth & Home we carry a full line of Navien Tankless On-Demand Water Heaters. These products are best-of-class in quality, innovation, environmentally friendly, comfortable and provide energy savings efficiencies of up to 98%.

Tankless, Power Vent & Conventional Hot Water Heaters

Hearth & Home has always been an innovator and a leader in the Home Comfort sector and now offers a hot water rental program partnered with Enersure a division of Brantford Hydro. This program provides consumers with Free Installation, Free Vent Upgrades and Free Removal and Disposal of their current water heater.

This new program provides homeowners with a number of hot water tank rentals including – Conventional, Power Vent and Tankless.


Includes Free Installation, Free Vent Upgrades, Free Removal and Disposal of your current water heater.

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